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Let's work together! Here are some of the services I offer- but please reach out with your project details and I can create a package that best fits your needs.

If any of these are exactly what you're looking for, message me and we will get started!

Brand Audit Starting at $180

I will audit your website & socials to see how your branding is being implemented and give you expert advice on what is working & what isn’t. I will compile detailed notes for you and present a deck during a video call meeting to go over my findings where you can also discuss your concerns and needs. I will provide my best recommendations and solutions for you to move forward with stronger branding on your website and social pages.


Social Media Post Templates Starting at $300

25 ready-made complete posts made through Canva (free version) for you to post and use as templates for future posts. All can also be made into animations with one click.

*Placeholders such as images and copy will be used unless content is provided to me prior to starting project.


Established Brand Branding Guidelines Starting at $500

Sometimes your branding seems 'done' but it's not all on paper. I will work with you* to create a guide with all the things you love about your branding, removing what hasn’t been working, and adding new rules as needed. This document is essentially an instruction manual for your brand's image. Tone, design, look, feel, voice, etc. It is for you and your team to make sure your brand image and personality stay consistent.*

*Requires some work on your end- I can guide you in decision-making, but ultimately branding decisions need to be solidified by you & your team.

*This is for solidifying or adapting current branding. This is not for new brands or for complete rebranding. This means no logo design!


Web Design (Wix & Squarespace) Starting at $1,200

I will provide you with 3-5 templates that I think will work best for your brand. Once chosen by you, I will turn over the site in 10 business days. You have 3 rounds of revisions. Any added pages, or extensive assets after or during the design process will be at an extra cost that we will discuss.* 

*We will discuss how many pages you are needing/what assets I will need to design to include in the site. Cost will adjust as needed

*I am not a web developer, I cannot code. I will be creating a website starting from a template provided by Wix or Squarespace (your choice)

Content Rates*


Video Post Starting at $999 USD

User-Generated Content Starting at $750 USD (Includes 1-year usage rights)

Whitelisting (Running Ads) $300 USD

Repost to Instagram Stories $300 USD

*Inquire for Usage Rights

*These rates are for brand deals on behalf of Skylar Grace Co., not for client content creation

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